Gene Ray, Cubic and you will Wise Over God

This new half Earth viewed away from area, don’t exists with no contrary half perhaps not seen

Singularity “education” inflicts a dog brain upon Students – ability to be taught servitude – but an inability to ever think opposite of brainwashing and indoctrination – really impractical so you’re able to previously get well to acknowledge Nature’s Harmonic Simultaneous Rotating 4 Corner 24 Hr. Days in 1 Earth Rotation.

Singularity has no God within “The fresh Market out-of Opposite Spot Lifetime” – contrary hemispheres and opposite burritoes – where all of the Earth existence occur. So long as you dumbass, knowledgeable practical and bland bastards Ignore Cubic Design, the sons and you may daughters need in order to pass away and stay maimed in the foreign countries – if you’re kissing innocent females and children. Keep disregarding me you mundane asses and you can observe the slaughter from your loved ones securing brand new petroleum barons ripping off their family back household. The new adversary is back household, maybe not for the foreign countries. Forget about me Development takes place thru opposites. Singularity ‘s the dying math regarding religious/academic Godism . In the event the god is your dad, your own mommy are a whore.

Contrary Creation compared to bland goodness entity. He whom talks, preaches, will teach, condones or practices SINGULARITY – an painful one translates Dying by cancellation Instructors try sleeping bastards. The brand new experienced practical is always to recognize new sheer antipodes away from +step 1 x +step 1 = +step 1 and you may -step one x -step 1 = -1 occur as the and additionally and you may without values of reverse design – depicted because of the reverse burritoes and you will contrary hemispheres. Organization are dying worship – because of it cancels opposites. You will find spent 3 decades from living as well as step one/4 many bucks evaluating Nature’s 4 – parallel 24/7 days inside an individual rotation away from Environment. Religious/Informative phrase educated singularity is actually contradicted since the mundane lies from the simple math of the Cube’s Contrary Corners – an ideal proportion during the Market. Instructional SINGULARITY was a contradiction into contrary burritoes, the contrary hemispheres and the new universe regarding opposites that are available since a zero worth lifetime.

Planet Opposites is split apart – and you can cascade molten lava through to Jesus Worshippers, having they are painful in the world

The newest academic instructed I could claim that teachers “eat crap” and additionally they merely cower and cover-up, undertaking little that will cause argument, that may indict him or her as the terrifically boring. People in america tend to pass away SINGULARITY wise, its mind lobotomized because of the Worst teachers. Neither Planet otherwise Peoples are present as the organizations, however, opposites. Earth consists of opposite hemispheres and that become when you look at the contrary recommendations – comparable to a no well worth existence (plus & minus). Because entity, the exact opposite hemispheres cancel out. Environment are present once the cuatro – ninety education opposite spot quadrants, however while the a great 360 studies circle. World try Cubic opposites Good Singularity brotherhood possesses your brain, destroying your capability to think Cubicism . Boring academia prevents out Date Cube site and you may prevents the discussion and argument. You are an educated singularity idiot that will brightly reject Nature’s Harmonic cuatro simultaneous 24 hour days within this an individual rotation regarding Planet, if not create parody of Cubic Creation Idea – however your intellectual capability to comprehend the

You simply can’t discover Reverse Design Religous /informative educated singularity ‘s the reduced amount of the human head to android os. Earth entity will not exist – because of it is composed of opposite hemispheres and that rotate inside opposite instructions – equating so you’re able to a zero worthy of lifestyle, also to little as an effective “singularity”. You used to be knowledgeable to live on an painful rest – along with your heirs will suffer hell for the brilliantity. The brand new entity you look for is death. Teachers illustrate believed mathematics , however they are too really dumb, intelligent and you can incredibly dull to find out that until Term was cornered, Math try make believe. Academic/Spiritual Word is a make believe Trojan horse therefore the most efficient particular person enslavement actually concocted because of the “Singularity Brotherhood regarding Bastardism “.

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